How to use Pal4U

This is a quick guide to PAL4U 2000. If you don't understand these words, you'd better buy a S3GA MEGADR!VE and play with cartridges... ok? ;)

Ok, first of all you need the scanner (PAL4U2K.EXE) and the patcher (P4UPATCH.EXE). You can download them from my page.

Step 1:
Make an image of the PSX CD you want to patch. My best choice is CDRWIN ( and I ask you to BUY IT because it's a great and cheap tool.
Select "Extract Disc/Tracks/Sector" (it's the third icon), write a name with full path for the "Image filename", set the "RAW" option and leave other settings alone. Then click on "Start"... and wait.

Step 2:
We have a CD image now... ok, run PAL4U2K and choose this image.
Select the patch mode, NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC.
Click on "Find SEQs"... the whole CD image is scanned for sequences. The performance will greatly depend on your PC setup and may vary from 1 min to 15 min. You should close all others apps while scanning (especially MS-DOS boxes!).
You'll see the byte count, some sector information and a progress bar. If the image contains audio sectors, they won't be scanned. Some info appears on the box below...

Step 3:
If at least one sequence is found, the P4U Creator pops up... fill out ALL FIELDS carefully, and sign the patch with your name/nickname/home page! Click on "Create P4U file" for your personal .P4U file.

Step 4:
Close PAL4U2K and load the patcher, P4UPATCH... choose the .P4U file you've just created, choose the CD image file you scanned before, then GO FOR PATCH... if all is ok, the patch is applied and the image is modified!

Step 5:
Load CDRWIN... and burn back the modified image. Choose "Record Disk" (it's the first icon), choose the CD image file, use MAX 2X speed (it's my opinion... but do whatever you want) and record the disk.

Step 6:
Test the game... it works? Great? It doesn't work? Sorry but it happens... PAL4U2K is not a 100% patcher because it uses a generic algorithm... please report your patch, so that it can be included in the database on my page.

Step 7:
If you're happy with P4U2K why don't you contribute to the development? A small donation, some nice new PSX games, some empty recordable CDs, a nice music CD, a postcard, a bottle of good beer, some funny MP3s... whatever you think it's worth to. Mail me for details!

Step 8:
Enjoy :)

For details: