About Pal4U

Pal4U® is a small tool to fix Playstation® executables or ISO/RAW Playstation® CD images from NTSC to PAL and vice versa. Pal4U generates very small .P4U files which can be easily redistributed.

If you submit a patch generated with Pal4U to a PSX site, PLEASE give credits to Pal4U, including a README.TXT which mentions this page: http://www.pal4u2000.com.

Legal stuff

This tool is not intended for illegal import/export of Playstation® games.
This tool CANNOT DEFEAT Playstation® CD copy protection scheme.
Usage of this tool is under your risk.
The author is in no way responsible for any kind of damage caused to your PC or game console.
This software is free and nobody can sell or modify it.

(I hate this blah-blah but I must say this stuff!)

More info

Pal4U can't patch 100% of PSX games. This is due to the generic search&patch algorithm.
Currenlty, with the newest v1.23 FINAL, about 88% of PSX games can be patched with this tool (it's not 100%, but we're close to!).
Pal4U is based on two DOS utilities called PALPAR and PALNTSC, but it's not a shell... it's a 32bit standalone program. I must say that it's pretty fast... on a Celeron 300 just around 1 min to scan a 650MB raw image!

If a patch fails, the game will boot in its native video mode, or the game freezes/crashes.
Your console is in no way damaged (but read the disclaimer!)

To know which games are patchable, give a look at the Game patch database.